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Kunshan Yidao is a manufacturer of machinery and equipmentSelect YiDao Precise4Reason

01Focus on quality service
The company has a modern production process, with many years of production and management experience, adhering the principle "people-oriented, innovative, honest management;
Continuously provide high quality and high performance products for global customers.
02Quality guarantee,Custom services
Adopt imported similar mechanical design drawing and manufacturing technology to guarantee product quality;
Our professional technical team will customize the production equipment according to your requirements.
Our technicians have worked in this industry for more than 10 years.
03One year warranty,lifetime maintenance
Each machine will has detailed manual book and operation videos.
Perfect after-sales service team provides professional technical support.
Each machine is tested by our QC staff,after running materials then ship.
Main accessories are well-known brands to make sure the quality , price transparency;
Consider the maximum efficiency and minimum cost from the design stage;One-stop service saves the cost of intermediate links, shortens the procurement time of products, and reduces the cost of products from the source.
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Kunshan Yidao Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd. focus on manufacturing, developing, marketing and exporting die cutting machine, slitting machine, sheeting machine ,laminating machine, and punching machine.Our machinery are widely applied in various of materials such as shield materials
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